Who We Are

About the Foundation

The Colburn Foundation stands for Classical Music. We support organisations embracing at the highest levels of excellence the values of our Founder, Richard D. Colburn. His and our mission is to adhere faithfully to his FIRM wishes, to encourage the education and performance of classical music, and to preserve the classical music genre, i.e., works composed in the 17th to early 20th century.

Applicants and Grantees must perform or educate primarily in the classical music tradition. The Colburn Foundation does not fund commissions, composition programs, or organisations predominantly performing or educating in world music, jazz, modern or contemporary music.

With very few exceptions, the Colburn Foundation’s funding relationships are within the extensive Los Angeles community.

The Board

The current Colburn Foundation board of directors consists of:

Carol C. Grigor
Robert S. Attiyeh
David Colburn
Richard W. Colburn
Catherine Hogel
Gail Eichenthal
John P. Nuckols
Allison Sampson


Allison Sampson  |  Executive Director


Carol Rinn  |  Grants Administrator


Layne Pinkernell  |  Treasurer


Applying to the Colburn Foundation

Please note that we discourage grant seekers from submitting unsolicited requests to the Foundation. The foundation has a process through which we invite returning applicants and a very limited number of new applications.

Prior to submission of any application, it is a requirement to email the Grants Administrator, Ms. Carol Rinn, at crinn@colburnfoundation.org to determine the suitability of the intended request. This is particularly true for organizations which have not previously received a grant from the Colburn Foundation.

2024 Grantee's Application Submission Dates

Grantee Submission Dates: (Portal Opens and Closes)

Board Meeting Dates:

Jan. 24 - Feb 21
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
March 22 - April 12
Tuesday, June 11, 2024
June 24 - July 15
Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2024
Sept. 30 - Oct 21
Tuesday, Dec 10, 2024

For questions, please contact Carol at (818) 399-4427.

What do you fund?

We fund organizations engaged in some aspect of classical music - performance or presentation of classical music, classical music education, or training of classical musicians.

Do you fund individual artists?

No, we do not provide funding to individuals.

Do you fund all-volunteer organizations?

Yes, we fund 501(c)(3) organizations.

Do you make multi-year grants?

Historically, we have made multi-year grants. This is something that varies over time, depending on the level of our outstanding commitments.

Do you provide general operating support or project support?

We typically provide general operating support, unless a grantee is involved in areas that we do not fund, in which case we restrict our funding to the areas that we are willing to support within that organization. For educational institutions, we often provide scholarship support.

Do you support non-classical music?

No, we only support classical music.

What is the range of sizes of your grants?

The amount of each individual grant varies widely and should be discussed with the Colburn Foundation before applying.

Is your interest in classical music restricted to one or more periods?

No, we fund classical music broadly.

Is there a set funding cycle?

We consider grant applications on a rolling basis. Our board meets four times a year, and applications must be in advance of those meetings.

What is the connection between the Colburn Foundation and The Colburn School?

We are separately incorporated and separately managed, although Richard D. Colburn did endow both of the institutions. If you are looking for information on The Colburn School, please go to the school's website: www.colburnschool.edu.

Here is how the Colburn Foundation can be reached:


Colburn Foundation
11693 San Vicente Blvd #159
Los Angeles CA 90049-5105

Phone Number

(818) 399-4427

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